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JLOP vs. Hollywood – Nov 2010 bout


It generally takes me a couple of days to recover from a JLOP outing, and our adventure in Hollywood Friday night-Saturday morning was no exception.

JLOP — for those not in the know — is the ultimate self-styled group.  It’s a bunch of people who get together, most often extemporaneously, or at least on very short notice, for the purpose of taking pictures.  It almost doesn’t matter what we’re taking pictures of; it’s more important to us that we do it.

When we first got together, we decided to share our pictures on a Facebook group.  And to start a Facebook group, we needed to have a name.   That was a challenge, because the whole point of the get-togethers was that they would have no organization at all, and coming up with a name required a modicum of organization.

Bryan Frank, who has been blogging with words and pictures for the better part of the decade at Coolshots and whose work in paragraphs and in pixels is definitely worth a visit, came up with the name.  He also came up with the motto: “It’s not a club!”

So there I was at 11:30 Friday night standing on the corner of Hollywood and Vine.  As I heard a police bullhorn ordering people out of a nightclub a hundred yards north of me because the fire marshal had declared it over its capacity, I got a text message from Erik Oginski telling me he’d been in error, that the meeting spot was actually Hollywood and Highland.  That was about eight blocks west of where I was.  (What was that I said about not having any organization?)

Anyhow, pandemonium ensued, as it so often does on Friday night in Hollywood, and the walk up the boulevard was really an opportunity to start capturing the evening in all its glory.

There’s a slideshow of my better shots up now.  I challenged myself by trying to get everything I could without using my flash.  Still, in the JLOP gang of ruffians, I’m a piker, in terms of equipment as well as talent.  The full gallery of JLOP shots is on Facebook, which will underscore everything I just said.

Still, it’s fun sharpening my skills and seeing what others see.

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  • Bryan Frank November 8, 2010, 12:08 am

    Good job. That pretty much sums us up.

    BTW – I’m really impressed with your work on the blog. It’s looking great.