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More of the moving pictures


I promised more of the old-time family movies, and I’m delivering on that. Here’s the second of four installments.

This is the August 20, 1938 wedding of my mother’s oldest brother, Milton “Milt” Hoffman, and Leah “Lil” Bushkin. There isn’t much here—a tad over three minutes. Film was expensive in those days. (This was twenty years before the beginning of the home-movie era, so moving-picture hobbyists were rare. Ben Hacken, who shot these movies, was a pioneer.)

I know even these few feet of footage will jog a good many memories in the family, and I unabashedly hope others on all sides of my family will come forward with film remnants, photos, and even their words, helping us to build a more thorough and accurate picture of the family members who came before us.

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  • YMC November 19, 2012, 12:02 pm

    ANOTHER EXCELLENT JOB! It was interesting seeing my Mom’s Mom and Dad. Funny thing I noticed, nobody is smiling. Oh well. Paul, you did good!