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The setting sun


The kid-who’s-almost-not-a-kid-anymore and I raced west last night in hopes of catching the sun drop into the Gulf of Mexico. We made it!


We were in one of our usual spots—Indian Rocks Beach, straight west of Tampa—and the sunset was glorious, as it so often is in this part of Florida.

IMG_0590The camera was a little cumbersome for Rebecca, since her left arm is in a cast, the result of trying to learn to surf a few weeks ago on Florida’s East Coast. But she figured out a way to maneuver the zoom ring and was all-in for the shoot.

IMG_0598There was a bit of unexpected drama on the sand, as we found ourselves steps from a marriage proposal in progress. It was quite the scene, when just as the sun dipped below the horizon, a glittering ring materialized and the couple kissed. Maybe a hundred people on the beach to watch the sunset broke into applause. Even though no one was close enough to hear the words, we all got the upshot.

IMG_0602I am in Florida to celebrate (a few days early) an important milestone in Rebecca’s life, her 18th birthday. It’s startling for me to realize that next week, she will achieve the “age of majority.” She keeps telling me she doesn’t feel like she’s 18.

IMG_0608I have to keep silent. The only responses I have available are all cliches.

Here’s to adulthood to my little girl.

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  • YMC September 21, 2013, 10:12 am

    Just saw the pix. That pix of the 2 lovers, not to say it was voyueristic, but it was a intimate moment captured with a style and grace. I like yout tribute to the passing of Rebeccs’s being a little girl. I know it’s kinda tough for a parent to admit their child is no longer one, but a budding adult. I think she grew up better than ok, and nobody, like I said to you earlier, can EVER accuse you of being a disinterested parent. Yet, it’s not wrong to ever think that just becasue she will be a adult, she will always be a little girl to you at heart, and will you want to pick her up and comfort her when she falls, of course you will! Yet, I know that you will want to give her the opportunity to discover who Rebbeca is, and not smother her. Don’t worry old man, you’ll be just fine, and so will Rebecca. As always, YMC

  • Chris September 21, 2013, 11:15 pm

    Beautiful pictures!!