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A whole new look around here


Yup, the blog’s all different.

I know it looks pretty much the same, but its innards are all new. It’s the result of way too many hours of migrating from one form of blog software to another. And yes, there was a point to all this.a_new_look

Among the things you can now do is look at the blog from a mobile device—a phone, a tablet, or anything in between the two—as well as a desktop or a laptop. In other words, the page will show up well on any device you might be using. It will be legible. The pictures will be large enough to see. And there’s a special menu to help you get around, whether you’re on Ios, Android, or Kindle.

Those who have followed my faltering efforts in the past to write computer code and have it work as intended may wonder why the investment of grief and sweat.

Have a look at the stats and I think you’ll start to understand. So far this month, this site has had 131 visits. Of them, 84 (64%) have been from computers, 28 (21%) have been from mobile devices, and 19 (14%) have been from tablets. During the same period a year ago, mobile devices accounted from about 9% of the visits and tablets 7%. In other words, mobile and tablet visits to this site have more than doubled in a year. And there’s every expectation to think the traffic will continue to grow at a rapid pace.

And here’s the best part: you don’t have to do anything different. Just type the same URL, and the site itself will decide (based on the size of the screen you’re using) which version to give you.


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