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Setting the shtetl record straight


Dina emailed me from Israel after I posted the last batch of her photos with some corrections. She was kind enough to send even more pictures of life for the Strauber-Strobers of Potok Zloty in the 1930s.

Dvora - Dina - Avner

Among the errors I made in describing the last set of photos was in referring to a building as the home. It wasn’t, Dina said. The building in that set of photos was a warehouse, she said. The house was in fact a large, stately place. Baruch, Dina’s grandfather, was a prosperous horse-trader, and the family home in Potok Zloty was befitting a man of his wealth.

The family home in visible in the background on this photo from the early 1930s of Dina Strauber, Debora’s half-sister, and Avner, her half-brother and the youngest of Baruch’s children.

Another error I made is saying that Debora, Dina’s mother, survived the war in Potok Zloty. In fact, she left Potok Zloty in 1935 because she did not have a good relationship with Riva (Kengisberg) Strober, her step-mother, and went to Israel, where she had cousins. Her brother Getzel joined her in Israel in 1938.

Dvora & Riva

This is a photo of Debora with her step-mother, with the family home in Potok Zloty in the background.

Dina said Debora and Getzel made an effort to get their younger brother Leib-Leon to come to Israel in 1939, but because the war had already pressed on Galicia, it wasn’t possible for him to leave.

Dvora Near Her Mother's Grave

Devora’s mother, who died of heart disease in 1923, was buried in Potok Zloty. This is Devora at her mother’s grave sometime before she left in 1935.

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