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And away we go!


Welcome to the new and dramatically improved PaulSkolnick.com.

I’ve spent several weeks trying to come to grips with the vagaries of HTML, CSS, and PHP.  No, it’s not Greek.  It’s way worse than that — it’s Geek!

Finally, I think I have something workable… at least for starters.  I can tweak and tuck and modify as we go, but I didn’t want to let any more time pass before I put something up.

So what’s here?  Quite a bit of stuff, actually.


Follow the menu through GENEALOGY and you’ll see pictures of my four grandparents — and links to graphical as well as text-based family trees of their lineage.  As I learn more about each of these lines, I’ll be updating the trees and posting them.  That way, what you see here will always be the most up-to-date information I have.

Additionally, I’ve included a special menu link to the STROBER line (under the SKOLNICK heading).  My father’s father’s mother was a STROBER, and for years I’ve been working with various cousins around the world on building this line out.  There are now more than a thousand names on this tree, many of them with photos and at least partial histories.

If you’d like to do it without the menus, here are direct links:

GRAPHICAL TREES:  Skolnick Tepper Hoffman Feuerstein Strober

TEXT TREES:               Skolnick Tepper Hoffman Feuerstein Strober


There’s quite a bit of stuff on the to-do list for the site.  Perhaps most prominent is starting to find a way to display the thousand or so photos I’ve collected, and the hundreds of scans of original documents.  Part of the problem is technological — I’m looking for the best way to display and share the material so that all family members can call it their own.

If you haven’t yet contributed the keepsakes you may have put away, now is a good time.  If you’ve gone to the trouble to scan the stuff, or to have the stuff scanned, I can take it as email attachments.  You can also send me a CD or DVD of the files.  If it’s not scanned, I’m still interested.  We’ll work out a secure way to ship it here and I’ll scan it myself and send you back the originals.


Yes, you have a prominent role.  But it doesn’t take much to fulfill it.  Use the site — look often at what’s here, because it will be changing frequently.  Feel free to comment by using the box at the bottom of this (and every) post.  Be in touch with me by email.  Be in touch by telephone.  Be in touch in any way you’re comfortable with.

So here’s to the relaunch.  And away we go!