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Man, these trees sure do have a lot of branches


I spent a little time this weekend updating the family trees, and the new ones are worth having a look at if we’re related. There was, of course, the difficult task of updating the trees with people who have passed on since the last update, about two-and-a-half months ago. And there’s the glorious task of adding more names to the tree as we find people or people find us.

I’ve now charted five branches of my family—one for each of my grandparents, and an additional one for the family of my father’s father’s mother, Surah Henya Strober.

The numbers are pretty impressive. Here are the family lines and the number of names on each tree:

And I think I’ve been using the word “I” a little too much. Each of these trees is the result of a massive and dynamic collaboration, hundreds of hours of individual effort, some of it decades ago. My part in it was, quite honestly, getting it on the Web. Many others, some of whom I never met and didn’t know, put in the time to gain the knowledge of the family and document it.

If you don’t see your name on one of these trees and think it should be there, please be in touch. If you see your name but there’s no picture next to it, be in touch. If you see your name and there’s anything else wrong or incomplete, please be in touch.