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My Dad’s Little Photo Album from the 1940s

These photos were contained in a binder my father kept, apparently from the early 1940s through the end of the decade (and maybe a few years after that). The album had a scattering of pictures of his relatives and friends, some of the places where he served in World War II, and even one from his time in Berkeley attending graduate school toward the end of the decade. I originally posted the pictures in a slideshow on my blog, but am also adding them here in a static form.

My father, Saul Skolnick, with a woman we believe to have been his college girlfriend, Rosalind (or possibly Rosslyn). We don't know her last name. The photo appears to have been taken in Brooklyn, NY, apparently before my father was inducted into the service in December 1941.


The photo shows my father in uniform, so this is after his induction. It does not appear to be particularly cold, so this may have been late spring or early summer 1942.








Unknown woman, unknown location, unknown time.





My father, apparently on sentry duty, possibly at Aberdeen Proving Ground, in Maryland, or Langley Air Force Base, in Virginia.


This photo is a bit of an oddity. My father was left-handed, but the photo clearly shows him with a Colt 45 in his right hand and the holster on his right hip.


Obviously, a military encampment. My guess is this was a training exercise stateside prior to my father and his unit shipping out.

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I'm guessing this my father on home leave prior to shipping out for overseas. The location seems to be the front of his parents' home at 796 Lenox Road in Brooklyn, NY

Unknown women, unknown location, unknown time.

Statues in an unknown place.

Unknown man.

Unknown child, unknown location, unknown time.

My father's first cousin once removed, Mae Skolnik.

My father's first cousin, Charlotte Rosenblum.


My father's mother, Esther (Tepper) Skolnick.

Unknown GI

Unknown woman

Unknown location, but probably in Latin America, where my father served for several years during WWII.

Location also unknown, but possibly a synagogue in Latin America.

Unknown children.

Unknown plaza, but possibly in Latin America.


My father's sister-in-law Sonia, wife of his younger brother.

My father's younger brother, Joseph G. "Georgie Skolnik. Obviously during the war, but unknown location.

Unknown man.

Unknown woman

Clearly a card game. The inscription on the back of the photo indicates it was taken in Berkeley, CA, where my father attended graduate school from 1946-1948.