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Symmetry in the urban infrastructure


I don’t know what it was about the power lines that caught my eye as I drove alongside them a couple weeks ago. I’d been by this stretch of Sepulveda in El Segundo hundreds, if not thousands, of times before, and I’d never really noticed all of the parallel lines and sharp angles.

IMG_1612These suspended high-voltage lines run through a greenway on the west side of Sepulveda Blvd. While they do many things for homes and businesses, for the conduct of commerce, and for the comfort of life, I was particularly interested on this day by how they look.

IMG_1615Were these sentries protecting against some kind of invisible invasion? Were they signposts pointing the way somewhere? In reality, they were neither. They were merely wires carrying electrons from one place to another.

IMG_1611It was the aesthetics of power transmission that I was trying to capture with the camera, the symmetry and design. And what interesting geometric patterns they were making.

IMG_1609Hmmm. Much as I liked the interesting lines against the blue sky, there is a limit to what you can say about electricity in El Segundo. And I think I’ve arrived at that point.

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