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What You See When You Get Up with the Sun


I’m not exactly sure what got into me this morning. My eyes popped open about two hours earlier than they normally do, and it was apparent they wouldn’t be closing again anytime soon. The sun was already rising, and I figured I might as well drag myself from under the covers.

Dew on our lawn shortly after the sun came up at about 6 this morning.

Dew on our lawn shortly after the sun came up at about 6 this morning.

It seemed like the perfect chance to do a little photo play I’ve been thinking about for some time—trying to capture the dew on the back lawn. I don’t really have the lenses for that kind of close-up detail, but I figured if I could get the focus right, maybe the pixels would stand up to a little magnification.

I snapped six different shots, and this seemed to be the best candidate.

The amount of pixel-bending involved, I discovered, really beats the picture up. And then the amount of scrunching required to get the photo down to a size small enough to load into a browser beats it up again.

This picture looked fine, even after magnification at a hefty number of dots/inch, but it got a little fuzzy when I scrunched it to its web-weight.

Still, it was a fun experiment. And it gave me something to do for those two hours when I would have—and undoubtedly should have—been sleeping.

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  • Erik May 24, 2011, 1:43 am

    Very cool shot! You may have inspired me to get up early…someday!