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Yes, There ARE A Lot of Strobers


A gathering of Strauber-Strober-Struber descendants at a meeting hall in Brooklyn, NY on May 4, 1941.

There were a lot of Strauber-Strober-Struber descendants when as many as could got together in Brooklyn seventy years ago, but there are even more today!

I’ve just finished updating the family trees, and there are now more than 1,250 names on the Strauber-Strober-Struber tree. That is an incredible number, and I suspect that when we figure out the names and descendants of Israeli branches of the family, and possibly a few others, we’ll be adding many more names.

Here’s a rundown by family component and most recent count (as of yesterday). (March 2011 count is in parentheses.) The links at the end of the line are to the various versions of the family tree, a graphical one and a text one.

So how, you may ask, does this number grow? That’s pretty easy. People find it while searching online for some variant of their name, and then they get in touch. That’s been the most common way for people to find me, and thus, find us (because the family tree is merely a representation of how we’re all connected).

There have been several other people who have come from different directions. Word-of-mouth is a big one, where family members who’ve been actively involved in the tree tell their relatives, who then get in touch.

The important thing with genealogy is not how you get in touch, but that you just get in touch. With families, each of us holds a piece of the story in our hearts. It’s important to share it.